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To integrate the Endowment into the existing fabric of our community, it will be imperative to cultivate strong partnerships with entities and individuals that will further amplify the reach of our impact. Check back here for future opportunities to get involved.  The NHCE community advisory council (CAC) application period closed May 13, 2022. The council will be announced in June.

Community Advisory Council


The purpose of the community advisory council is to assist the NHCE board of directors in better understanding the needs of the community by fostering grassroot conversations that may influence the board’s actions.


The council shall be composed of no more than 15 members, each of whom will be appointed by the board. To establish staggered terms of service, the board will divide the initial 15 appointees into three classes of five members each. The first class will serve a one-year term, the second class a two-year term, and the third class a three-year term.


Candidates must reside in New Hanover County at all times during their service. Note, the following persons are not eligible to serve on the CAC: elected officials, current members of the board, and members of the governing body or management of Novant Health Coastal Region, LLC or any of its affiliates.


The CAC will hold regular meetings on a quarterly basis, organized and facilitated by the NHCE staff.


  1. Advise on challenges and opportunities within the community, potential focus areas for NHCE, and community needs and interests.
  2. Develop quarterly reports on the above, alongside staff members.
  3. Provide subject matter expertise on the four pillars of focus: education, health and social equity, public safety, and community development.
  4. Function as ambassadors between the NHCE and community.
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